You write it; I’ll polish it!

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Don’t see your editing need listed? Are you unsure of what service you’ll need? Please contact me. Submit a sample of your work and we’ll collaborate to polish and finalize your writing.

Do you feel that your writing is solid but you want a second set of eyes to catch any small mistakes?
Proofreading – Correcting basic errors in spelling, grammar (their vs. there, your vs you’re), capitalization, and punctuation. This is the last step before your writing is ready for publication.

Do you have the basic idea written down but want someone to make it sound more professional?
Editing – Addressing issues of wordiness, editing for clarity, correcting run on sentences, etc. I will fix any wording issues that are likely to confuse or distract your readers.

How much does proofreading or editing cost?
Cost depends on the level of editing required, the length of your project, and the turnaround time required. Contact me for a quote.