Hi! If you’re looking for a passionate, detail-oriented editor, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Cassandra and I love editing. I love taking a piece of writing and polishing it, transforming it into something clear and precise. Whether you’re looking for a second set of eyes to catch tiny mistakes or you feel your writing needs an overhaul, I can help.

I strive toward authenticity in all aspects of life. With that goal in mind, I will do my best to improve your writing while maintaining your unique voice. I can edit and proofread your work so that your ideas are clearly communicated. Don’t let basic grammar and punctuation mistakes stand in the way of your ability to reach your target audience.

We all have ideas that we want to convey.

A business proposal says, “please hire me. I’m the best person for the job.”

A newsletter says, “I have tips to help you improve your life.”

A website says, “I have a great product or service that will change your life.”

I can help:

Business owners
English language learners
Job seekers
Blog writers

I’m an editor with an eye for detail. Let me worry about the fine tuning and the details so that you don’t have to!

I am available for one time projects such as a business proposal or a website overhaul. I can also help with ongoing projects, like weekly newsletters or blog posts. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can ease your load.

Please contact me so that we can start working together.